With the help of Leila and Nelly we raised up our Old English Sheepdog puppies. A very difficult job when you imagine that an Old English Sheepdog puppy in the age between 8 and 10 weeks is as large as a Westie.


Here is Leila shown together with our first Old English Sheepdog Fanny. They both have the same size. Since we are living with Old English Sheepdogs our westies are no more scared by large dogs. But what a surprise that Fanny was growing so fast and they had were able to pass through under her body.


Nelly with trouble-maker Babette. When Babette joined us our westies were used to the fast growing of an Old English Sheepdog to an imposant height. With Babette they were demanded too much like all of us.


Baby Babette started very early to take over the boss position in the team. Until Babette joined the team Nelly was still the boss. Although Fanny was bigger and stronger she let Nelly be the boss. Living is harder now for our old lady Nelly, but we all arranged us with this situation.


The difference between Babette and Fanny is very good shown by the following pictures. Fanny was very gentle and Leila's best friend. Also our Bobtail Maja is always very careful with our Westies.


The Westies were allowed to do everything with Fanny. When Leila climbed up on Fanny, she did like Leila pushed her to fell down.


The Westies prefered to play bunny chase with Fanny. They enjoyed to run around like a weazel and to escape by running through under Fanny's body like a tunnel.



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Nelly and Leila
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