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Our Nelly
here: 1 year old


Our Nelly is very clever and has her very own head. She is the smartest of all our doggies. We were always told to use only short words of commands for the education! But tell you, the magic 3 words with "K" she knows very well. "Kekse" (Cookies) - "Küche" (Kitchen) - "Kämmen" (Comb). If you tell something about "Kämmen" (Comb) she is like the wind under the couch and hides there.

Baby Nelly


Our little Leila is a bit silly and not very clever - but on the other hand she is a sunshine and never mean.

Leila - here: 2 years old

Leila with trouble-maker Babette




Leila and Nelly dreaming on sofa


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